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1.0        VISION:

To be the preferred provider of sustainable local economic development in Southern Africa, addressing job creation, food production and renewable energy - through project development & implementation, skills transfer and intensive mentorship.

2.0        MISSION:

To provide excellence in sustainable development and service provision for Project owner-clients, Investor partners, participating communities and beneficiaries, using sound management techniques in a cost effective and environmentally-friendly manner.


3.1 To provide support for Sustainable Development in Southern Africa by focusing on the development of previously disadvantaged communities through promoting a symbiotic relationship with established commercial activities.

3.2 To ensure that skills are transferred to the local community through an intensive, practical hands-on and on-going in-job education, training and mentorship approach.

3.3 Provide accredited training and skills development.  

3.4 Develop rural communities; to enable them to utilise available resources and skills to provide an income and increase economic growth for their region or country.

3.5 Promote the development of entrepreneurs and SMME participants.



Much of ARD’s experience in agriculture, tourism, conservation, forestry and renewable energy has been hard earned & at the “coal-face” through ARD’s implementation of and participation in conservation and environmentally friendly projects.

Typically this has involved the establishment of SMME’s project-management of and training for community-driven projects.

Where appropriate project planning provides for cutting edge solutions, in respect of renewable energy, waste management, recycling and environmental rehabilitation; through established linkages with leading research and educational institutions.

  •  ARD combines the skills of professionals, who are all experts in their respective fields, to ensure that the appropriate mix of skills and experience is made available to the client.
  • ARD is an equal opportunities company, which aims to transfer real capacity to its trainees and community-participants.
  • ARD is totally committed to building long term business relationships with its   
    clients on the basis of providing a professional and efficient service. 
  • ARD prides itself on its client base which includes national and provincial government departments, international agencies, foreign government support funds, local financial institutions, state agencies and institutions, environmental companies, public foundations, research councils, trusts and major private-sector companies.


ARD through its associate ZCSD (Zululand Centre for Sustainable Development) has a fully functional Community and Educational Development Centre with various demonstration systems including:

§  Permaculture and organic farming

§  Integrated waste management systems 

§  Craft from waste

§  Growing of traditional medicinal plants and herbs

§  Aquaculture and Aquaponics

 § Micro manufacturing and service industries

§  Renewable Energies and appropriate technology 

§  Food processing 

Early Childhood Development (Creches). 


        Courses are registered with the Department of Labour and are certified through
        the Durban Institute of Technology (formerly the Technikon Natal). 

Against the above background ZCSD has previously offered certified courses in the following:

§  Basic Business Skills
§  Bookkeeping,
§  Office management,
§  Business types,
§  Shareholding,
§  Accounting,
§  Corporate governance,
§  Permaculture,
§  Integrated Waste Management,
§  Alien Weed Eradication,
§  Eco-tourism,
§  Forestry,
§  Craft development from waste,
§  Micro Enterprises,
§  Aquaculture and Aquaponics.


ARD carries out work predominantly in Southern Africa / SADC. 

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·              Local and Provincial Government Departments & Agencies.

·              Private companies such as Richards Bay Minerals, Foskor & Mondi Forests.

        ·                       Embassies: U.S. and other European Aid organisations.

·              Kagiso Trust & National Lotto

·              Various foundations such as PEACE Foundation & Poverty Relief