Current & Proposed Projects

 There are a variety of projects in the pipeline ;
These may be broadly summarized as follows:

    • Renewable energy from crop residues including sugar-cane bagasse.

    • Renewable energy from animal and municipal waste.

    • Food crop production for local communities based on organic systems.

    • Food processing including chilling, freezing, drying and canning.

    • Cash crop production such as forestry, fresh produce vegetables and coconuts, cashews cotton and bamboo.

    • Micro industries based on waste recycling.

    • Commercial & Micro industries based on granite and other quarry-stone. e.g. for export of Dimension stone blocks and monumental stone slabs and for the local beneficiation and manufacture of Grave stones and head-stone sets.

    • Micro service industries in support of all of the above such as biomass harvesting, compaction and transport; equipment maintenance etc.

    • Arts and crafts.

    • Eco tourism projects.

    • Retail outlets and warehousing in support of the above.

    • Transportation logistics in support of all above SMME initiatives.