BioMass-to-Energy and related SMME project Support Funding:

Amandla Resources through its associate networks has access to a range of development funding resources that can be accessed & tailored to suit each category and each specific application. 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution!

Each BioMass project must be reviewed, via a due diligence process, to ascertain what resources are already available, what can be brought into the project locally, what external resources are needed and an accompanying assessment of future revenue streams that will of course complete the picture, insofar as project finance is concerned. 

Other critical resource requirements (such as); 

  • Infrastructure,
  • Logistics,
  • Land availability & arability,
  • Water resources,
  • Climate conditions,
  • Human resources and
  • Market conditions will also be assessed and incorporated into each Feasibility Study that may then be further developed into a  Business plan.
  • Where appropriate, CDM credits will also be researched for inclusion as part of the funding matrix. 

    Skills & Enterprise Development:

    Because these BioMass projects all are expected to involve large areas of land and will require extensive manning levels, attention is also given to Community participation, skills development and SMME-type co-development opportunities.

    Funding Sources:

    A number of organisations have expressed keen interest in participating in bothareas of ARD’s focus namely community and local economic development and renewable energy.
    Typically the following categories types of organisations have expressed keen interest in being both equity and loan partners:

    • Engineering and technical companies
    • Power generating companies both local and foreign
    • Commercial agricultural and forestry companies and farmers
    • Financial institutions both local and foreign
    • Government departments at local, provincial and national level
    • Government agencies in infrastructure, energy, agricultural and industrial development
    • Foreign governments
    • International aid organisations
    • World Bank affiliates (International Finance Corporation for example)