GroPower BioMass Feedstock Resource Development.

GroPower is focused on the development of sustainable Agricultural projects

that will develop and supply the Bio-Fuel feed-stocks & BioMass required for the production of renewable energy-based outcomes, for the processing and production of BioFuels and related BioMass -Power plants. 

Particular focus is being directed at under-utilised land land areas in rural areas that are fallow or and under-developed, in the Eastern provinces of South Africa (KZN, Eastern Cape & Mpumalanga) and also neighbouring SADC states, in South-Eastern Africa, with similar available land resources (Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi); GroPower Web Site

In addition, GroPower also promotes the development of Community-based food-security programmes especially where these integrate with a BioFuel and/or BioMass plantation development, via (for example) an inter-row complimentary cropping initiative. 

Rural, owner-built housing solutions are encouraged and are an integrated part of GroPower's social development and Local Community Development (LCD) responsibility goals and can be viewed on the GroPower website.