Project Development and Management Services offered by Amandla:Resource Development:

ARD has three key service divisions:

1.0 Natural Area & Resource Management::

  •  Natural resources identification and management planning;
  • Social responsibility programmes with neighbouring communities;
  • Development planning in the fields of tourism, conservation, rehabilitation, waste management and recycling;
  • Ongoing holistic management of natural areas for the maximum return to the resource owners;
  • Game management, maintenance, rehabilitation and erosion control, alien weed eradication, asset management;
  • Waste management and recycling;
  • Skills transfer and capacity building;
  • Administration and payroll services. 

 2.0 Project Services:

  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Project management of development projects;
  • Environmentally friendly infrastructural services (water-less toilets, enviro-laundries, water purification);
  • Feasibility studies and associated research;
  • Implementation of alternative energy solutions;
  • Strategy and SWOT analysis;
  • Fund management;
  • Financial structuring and sourcing of funds;
  • Establishment and financing of appropriate SMME's;
  • Mentoring for SMME's;
  • Community liaison, facilitation and capacity building. 

3.0 Sustainable Systems and Training:

  • Skills assessment and selection of trainees;
  • Sustainable food production
  •  Integrated waste management and recycling.
  • Rural based Eco-tourism (guides, cooks, cleaning staff, maintenance, management).
  •  Crafts from waste and available natural resources (frequently using the timber harvested from alien plant eradication.
  •  Sustainable forestry methodologies;
  • Promoting the sustainable use of and propagation of traditional medicinal plants.
  •  Establishment of SMME's and associated training;
      • Good governance
      • Practical Project Management for community projects.
      • Community committee training.