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Whilst ARD has its own professional team, focused on the development of BioMass resources, to suit the supply-side  and community development needs, for BioMass-to-Energy conversion projects, we readily follow a policy of out-sourcing and teaming with local experience and skills from the country or region in which we are operating.

ARD has developed cooperative arrangements with a number of well
established and experienced organisations actively involved in the following disciplines:

    • Energy conservation optimisation
    • Renewable energy generation
    • Local economic development
    • EPC [Engineering, Procurement and Construction]
    • Established power utilities and Private sector power users
    • Agricultural product processing
    • Micro industries

Further information in this regard can be provided on the basis of serious inquiry and the provision of a Non-disclosure and Non-circumvention agreement;
contact Dr. Syd Kelly

Amandla Resources will also utilise the services and accumulated experience of GESSA and its established technical partners:  General Energy Systems has well-developed and established installations in the field of Combustion and Energy recovery.

in association with their local licensees (General Energy Systems - GES),  provides us with the expertise in the field of methane Gas extraction for Municipal Waste dumps (Landfill sites) as per the first-in-SA installation at R'Bay Zululand.


A range of project-specific technical partners or service providers will  provide a wide range of engineering and project management skills as Primary Project Managers, complementing Amandla Resources' Power-from-BioMass supply-side and logistics feed-in projects. Various institutional arrangements will also be accessed for the financial provision for the power generating facilities:

EDS-Russiltech are technical specialists, for the mechanical processing/ milling/ grinding of the BioMass feedstock and have concluded various technical review tests, in association with MINTEK in Johannesburg (for various mineral ores) and with ALSTOM for the milling of fossil fuels for power station use and elsewhere.

CACS is a China-based technical solutions group who specialise in a wide range of practical Electricity Generation alternative solutions and have offered their technical expertise for the implementation of small-scale (12 to 24 MWe) modular power plants that use BioMass as a fuel resource.

In terms of a wider access  to both established and evolving technologies in our fields of operation, we are fortunate in having already secured co-operation arrangements with  a range of specialist organisations and commercial companies reaching from North America through Europe and the far East.




These include local and regional municipalities, chambers of business,

government departments of economic development, tourism, education

and culture, Universities, Technikons, Colleges, Research councils and national agencies such as SANEDI, IDC, CEF, NEF and DBSA.

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